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Tuesday 11/24/15
Tides: AM - PM Low: 12:10 - 12:55 Island Beach Area
AM - PM High: 5:22 - 5:48
Wind: NorthWest 1 - 5 Knots.
Seaside Park Shoreline Wave Heights: 2 - 3Ft.
Sinker Ounces to Hold Bottom: 4oz.
Air Temperature: 49F. Degrees.
Water Temperature( 55f.
Current Weather: Partly Sunny and cool.
Beach Conditions(Driving Conditions for the Beach): ALL ACCESS ROADS IN IBSP ARE NOW OPEN.
Flies and Mosquitos: NONE.
Water Clarity: Clean, green, perfect bass water.
Tanning Index: (1-10) 3



11/24/15 UPDATED 8:29 AM Well so much for my report on sandeels. The bass are back on peanuts, but at least we still have them. Our contractor Harry lost two 20 pound bass in the wash before his rod snapped and they were busting water in front of him for 20 minutes on the north end of the island on peanuts. Then as I hit the door, a 14 pound bass came in from 2 bit road. Good start.

Yesterday's Report: UPDATED 10:18 AM Well it is confirmed!!! The sandeel bite is on and it could get heavy. One angler came in and told us he had 8 bass, all on TZERS, AVAs, and a white swimmer, all 10 yards from the beach with the birds working just like I showed this morning.

UPDATED 7:26 AM Birds "sitting" and working. No big splashes, so they might very well be on sandeels. I heard there are birds working in Ortley and my video this morning shows them working in Seaside. Decent action in the afternoon yesterday as expected and our own Brian Pasch landed a nice 15 pounder on bait for the Thanksgiving table. He's making bass salad. Good action should continue throughout this week, AND COULD YOU IMAGINE IF WE GET A SANDEEL BITE NOW ON TOP OF THIS RUN????

UPDATED 11:25 AM Very "spotty" today as the north end of IBSP hasn't done much, but the south end is seeing good action on shorts. Did just weigh in a 16 pounder from Seaside Park so be patient wherever you are. Dropping tide this afternoon should produce.

UPDATED 6:50 AM Just got a call from one of our regulars Brett. The water is a little tingy, holding with 6 ounces, and he has 2 bass on the beach already on bait. They are starting to get some on plugs as Nick S. landed one on an SP, but buried a hook in his hand and had to go to Community.

UPDATED 3:42 AM About a dozen bass weighed in here in the afternoon yesterday. I will post the videos ASAP as already we are busy here at 3 AM. Pretty sure everything was on bait, and we do have fresh bunker and live clams back in stock right now. Hopefully as the water continues to clean up and lay down, artificials will come back into play.

Have to interrupt our nice Fall run reports with a quick announcement. A few weeks ago I purchased the domain due to the fact that the original server host has less than amicable. Well they are at it again. Although both and my domain are currently active, I received an email yesterday that I was at my traffic limit. We get about 20,000 hits a day, but I have never received a warning about this in the 19 years the site has been active. I was going to wait for the winter time to waste my time with this garbage, but it seems I have to start reminding our loyal readers now. Please start transitioning yourself to Please visit that page now and bookmark it. I will continue to own both domain names, and we will go back to using the original in 2017. They are both STILL currently active, I am just doing this as a precaution to a shut down.

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