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Saturday 10/25/14
Tides: AM - PM Low: 2:40 - 3:17 Island Beach Area
AM - PM High: 8:40 - 8:59
Wind: Northwest 1 - 5 Knots.
Seaside Park Shoreline Wave Heights: 1 - 2 Ft.
Sinker Ounces to Hold Bottom: 4oz.
Air Temperature: 69f. Degrees.
Water Temperature( 64f.
Current Weather: Sunny.
Beach Conditions(Driving Conditions for the Beach): GOOD!
Flies and Mosquitos: NONE.
Water Clarity: Green and clean.
Tanning Index: (1-10) 6



10/25/14 UPDATED 12:02 PM Just weighed in another 9 1/4 pound bass by Cory Rellstab of Browns Mills, NJ. He caught it on an SP Minnow at Gillikins at first light. I also just had a guy run in the shop and say they were getting big bluefish on mullet in Seaside Park, not the small ones we have been getting for a month. Waiting to confirm this.

UPDATED 10:31 AM Just had a 9 pound 4 ounce bass weighed in by Rob Perillo of Toms River. He caught it on an SP Minnow somewhere around the second buggy road. Talked to another reliable source that told me there was some bass being caught this morning that you might not hear about.

UPDATED 9:45 AM Couple bass here and there, but I just got a call from the south end of the island that there is a load of small bluefish being caught, mostly on mullet. So that bite has returned as well.

UPDATED 5:33 AM Pretty safe to say now that the bass run has started in our area now. Long time IBSP angler Charlie K. had 4 fish from 4 PM to dark on plugs and teasers so it's not just a bait bite as well. Just hope that the temps continue to steady drop and no more northeast winds.

UPDATED 4:33 AM Pure perfection in the conditions, weather, and we are actually starting to see some bass showing up.

Yesterday: UPDATED 3:59 PM Seems like bass are starting to hit on clams now as I have gotten several reports of shorts with no one on the beach, and B&N regular Craig McIlraith was nice enough to do a video of his 28 incher.

UPDATED 3:07 PM One of my first customers of the day just came back to get more clams. He had 3 short bass today.

UPDATED 11:18 AM Had a short bass posted on our Facebook site and I'm sure there's more where that came from. We also got 11 Gordon Wright swimmers back in stock. Reserve now!

UPDATED 9:36 AM Conditions are very good, almost prime. Just a few local anglers fishing.

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