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Wednesday 2/3/16
Tides: AM - PM Low: 9:18 - 9:23 Island Beach Area
AM - PM High: 2:34 - 2:57
Wind: East 5 - 10 Knots.
Seaside Park Shoreline Wave Heights: 2 - 4Ft.
Sinker Ounces to Hold Bottom: 6 oz.
Air Temperature: 50F. Degrees.
Water Temperature( 45f.
Current Weather: Partly cloudy.
Beach Conditions(Driving Conditions for the Beach): ALL ACCESS ROADS IN IBSP ARE NOW OPEN.
Flies and Mosquitos: NONE.
Water Clarity: Clean and mean.
Tanning Index: (1-10) 5



2/3/16 UPDATED 7:39 AM Check out today's video for updates.

Yesterday's Report: UPDATED 7:35 AM Here are some things to know about the business for the next week or so. Due to the impending storm, we will be closed Saturday, January 23rd. We are not sure about Sunday yet. We will assess the possible snowfall in our area. After this weekend, starting Monday the 25th, the restaurant will be closed for Winter cleaning. The tackle shop will be open from at least 8 AM - 12 PM. More than likely, Hal will be here from 6 AM - 3 PM. Hal's phone number is 732-606-3451 and the tackle shop number is 732-793-2708. We have 3 shelves of repaired reels that need to be picked up. Hal will be in constant contact with me as well for any questions he can't answer. Hal will be here every day from Monday, January 25th to Monday, February 1st. I will be back in the shop and the restaurant will re-open starting February 2nd to get back on repairs and start ordering for the Spring and Surf Day 2016 on February 20th. I know this sounds like overkill, and no one is fishing this time of year anyway, but I just wanted to get all my bases covered. I am in the shop today for any pick-ups and/or drop-offs from 7 AM - 2 PM.

UPDATED 8:34 AM Hope everyone had a great Christmas, New Years, and holiday season. Just going to give you an update on what's going on this Winter. Believe me, it's going to fly unless March is some kind of abboration and it's 30 degrees that month. You will be fishing again soon.
1. Store hours are from 7 am - 2 pm daily. On Saturday's I may stay a little longer or come in a little earlier, or both, but the 7 - 2 is in stone unless we get some kinda wicked weather.
2. We will be closed from January 25th - February 1st, both the tackle and restaurant for cleaning and a business trip.
3. All of the holiday specials are still available(SEE VIDEOS AND TEXT ABOVE) until the end of this month.
4. We WILL be going to Surf Day 2016 this year, Saturday February 20th. We always bring some good stuff and is pretty much the only show we do now.
5. We have a bunch of rods and reels that have been repaired and are ready to be picked up. Call the shop with your ticket number and check.

I guess that's about it. If you have any questions, call us at 732-793-2708.

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