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Saturday 4/11/09
Tides: AM - PM Low: 3:20 - 3:24 Island Beach Area
AM - PM High: 9:13 - 9:33
Wind: Northeast 3 - 8 Knots.
Point Pleasant Wave Heights: 2 - 3ft.
Sinker Ounces to Hold Bottom: 4oz.
Air Temperature 50f.
Water Temperature: 46f.
Current Weather: Foggy, rainy.
Beach Conditions: IBSP IS OPEN.
Flies and Mosquitos: No problem.
Water Clarity: Clean.
Tanning Index: (1-10) 0


4-4-09 Surf Conditions
4-6-09 Weather Conditions
4-7-09 Fishing Conditions
4-9-09 Fishing Conditions
4-10-09 Fishing Conditions
4-11-09 Weather Coniditions

4/11/09 UPDATED 7:12 AM Foggy and rainy today with a light northeast wind. Don't expect to see too many guys, but you never know. Had 2 go out already this morning.

Yesterday's report: UPDATED 6:32 AM Stunning sunrise this morning and perfect fishing conditions. All week we were told it was going to rain all day today and tomorrow. At the last minute the report was changed and now it's light rain tonight, and AM showers tomorrow morning. I forgot to mention a fish that was reported by one of our regulars on Wednesday. Rich Nunn and his wife went out and nailed a 25 incher on clams. Great job and thanks for the report.

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